Corporate Responsibility

In an effort to remain true to our cultural values and incorporate the legal and ethical standards upon which Jag Jeans has established its name, we have compiled guidelines & requirements for all facilities that wish to enter into a business relationship with our brand, to likewise adopt and reflect these same values.

Jag Jeans has long recognized the challenges and complexities of sourcing and establishing manufacturing partners that best understand our strong commitment to the social & ethical standards upon which we base our reputation. Through actively engaging with our partners, we have developed a comprehensive program designed to ensure awareness of and protection for all basic human rights.

These guidelines are applicable to all business relationships, licensee, agents, factory, sub-contractor or affiliates that form the supply chain in the production of Jag Jeans product.

These same high standards are interwoven within our goals of achieving environmental sustainability throughout our manufacturing process. We believe that industry and communities can work together to find the balance that will lead to more sustainable practices in the future, while protecting the environment that we all depend upon.

Our suppliers are expected, at a minimum, to conduct business in an ethical manner and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our Jag Jeans Code of Conduct communicates our values and expectations for our business partners. Through our continued monitoring efforts, we are confident that these standards are achievable by all, within our supply chain.

Jag Jeans will continue to review these standards annually to evaluate and update as required to reflect the continued desire of all in achieving a sustainable & environmentally friendly process in manufacturing while respecting the value of the individual worker.